MCRSTickets.com is owned and operated by EZ-Ticket.com, LLC. EZ-Ticket.com was launched in September 2004 as an online ticket broker. With access to over 80,000 events and 6 million tickets in our database and our in house software package we can get tickets to almost any publicized event fans and patrons want to attend.

American Airlines Center Dallas schedule, venue information and seating charts are shown here. For questions on the American Airlines Center Dallas seating map or general inquiries regarding AAC Dallas tickets, feel free to contact us. American Airlines Center’s seating bowl features a one-of-a-kind retractable seating system. The result is great sightlines for basketball and hockey fans on the north and south ends. Featuring comfortable, spacious seating, elite luxury suites with private entrances, upscale catering, corporate hospitality areas and convenient parking, AAC Dallas, TX sets a new standard in the concert and theatrical touring industry.

With the introduction of mobile devices such as Google’s Android along with Apple’s iPad and iPhone, Mobile Ticketing is becoming the standard whereby fans can purchase, pay for and download tickets for sporting events, theatre and concerts.

EZ-Ticket’s Mobile Ticketing platform is a user-friendly application, in which the customers can buy a ticket online via either through the Web or directly from their mobile phone.

Juniper Research, which specializes in the identification and appraisal of high growth opportunities across the mobile telecommunications, content and applications sectors, has conducted a study of the mobile commerce market. Mobile ticketing transactions are forecast to exceed $100 billion as soon as 2012, which could be a little more than double the market in 2010. The figures are based on gross transaction value.

EZ-Ticket’s Mobile Ticketing Application consists of 2 modules, Mobile Ticketing Platform & MobileTicketing Manager. Mobile Ticketing Platform (MTP) is the server sidecomponent for generating and sending tickets as SMS, MMS, WAP Push, E-Mail and via Web including a 2D Barcode (QRcode, Aztec & Datamatrix) to mobile devices, including the handling of the customer list and processing the responses as per the rules defined. We define the system in such a way that the components are using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) through web service, so that in future even third party ticket systems can be linked with our ticketingserver.

The EZ-Ticket Mobile Ticketing Application is EZ-Ticket’s answer to the growing consumer demand for purchasing tickets from their mobile device whether Apple’s iPhone, iPad or Google’s Android. EZ-Ticket expect this to be inplace by December 2011.

EZ-Ticket.com is part of the Bigado Network. Bigado has implemented a comprehensive Internet commerce network and is in the process of completing a breakthrough search automation platform. Bigado’s focus is to allow its users to find anything they wish to on the internet, whether it is to purchase goods and services or simply find information.

About Ticket Brokering

The ticket brokering business gets a bad rap from many people in that most believe that it is a business with no product being offered to customers but simply inflating the price of event tickets. Many believe that the ticket broker simply hoards up available tickets to different events and then automatically resells them to the public with no risk to themselves. This is far from the case.

A ticket broker will purchase tickets in advance to a sporting event or concert with the “HOPE” that they will be able to sell at a profit. In practice this doesn’t always work out favorably. Many times a ticket broker will purchase these tickets in advance and either sell at a loss just to get some of their money back or at worse be stuck with the tickets that go unsold. Many a ticket broker looks at his inventory Monday morning with a stack of useless, expired tickets from the weekend.

The Ticket Broker thus must buy tickets he knows he can sell at a profit in order to continue in this business. There is no sure thing in the ticket broker business. As in any speculative endeavor whether it be real estate, the stock market, gold coins or ticket brokering the key is buy low and sell high. Now how does one do this?

The only way to do this is with experience and some luck. The ticket broker to be successful must devote a lot of time and effort to his business and he must have the wherewithal to weather some lean times and mistakes in buying tickets. If you only have a bankroll of a couple hundred dollars and you make one mistake in a ticket purchase you can be out of the business quickly.

Finding good seats to sold out events is a good start. Scouring eBay or Craig’s list for fan’s excess tickets they would not use is a good means to find tickets for resell. It is key to have the exposure for your business in order to resell any tickets you do have. The Ticket Broker to be successful is usually the result of word of mouth and referrals. Treating your customers right as in any business leads to success.

The Ticket Broker serves a useful purpose for the sporting and concert industries. He allows fans to easily purchase tickets to an event and he serves as a method for fans that have bought tickets but cannot use them to unload them easily.

Also remember if you find yourself wanting to get some tickets to a sold out event or if you are looking to unload your excess tickets you should use a reputable source such as a ticket broker that is a member of the Better Business Bureau, Member of the Better Ticketing Association or The National Association of Ticket Brokers. DON’T GET RIPPED OFF!

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